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Grease Interceptor Maintenance

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  1. GREASE TRAP TREATMENT - 1/2 GAL EA 143-1081  Restaurant Equipment Parts


    Item No. PD36864


    New Concentrated Formula

    Grease Trap Treatment is designed for application to various types of sewage and wastewater systems where large amounts of food oils and grease occur. Grease Trap Treatment is most effective when applied at the end of the day when water use is at a minimum. Apply through floor drain, sink or directly into system.

    Specially formulated bacterial augmentation product for the institutional food service and hospitality industry. Grease Trap Treatment is effective at reducing grease in grease traps, septic tanks, lift stations, cesspools, pipes and traps.

    Regular Grease Trap Treatment use significantly reduces the costs associated with managing high grease loads by biological degradation.

    This product ships by ground only, no air shipments.

    Grease Trap Treatment HIGHLIGHTS:

    • Biodegradable containing millions of live bacteria in spore form
    • Eliminates offensive odors
    • Reduces grease trap pumping
    • Eliminates emergency service calls
    • Reduces sewer use surcharges
    • Ends back-ups and overflows
    • Avoids failed on-site systems
    • Effective, safe and economical
    • Enzyme free
  2. SOLIDS BASKET ACCESSORY 3911A-1  Restaurant Equipment Parts


    Item No. PD227233


    • Solids Basket Accessory
    • Slides down inside Interceptor
    • The Solids Basket Accessory is compatible with full height models of Endura Grease Interceptors 20GPM TO 50GPM

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