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Internal Parts - 15 GPM Model

15 GPM Internal Grease Trap Parts

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  1. Replacement Latch Kit 7-10-15-15C-20-25  3920a-9RPL  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Replacement Latch Kit 7-10-15-15C-20-25

    Item No. KS107225


    • Replacement Latch Kit
    • Lid Size: 7-10-15-15C-20-25
    • Kit includes 4 x latch components and replacement pivot pins
    • Used with tank models: 3907A02, 3910A02, 3915A02, 3915A02C, 3920A02,  3925A02 , 3925A03
  2. Lid Assembly GI Full 15-20-25 3920A-2ARPL  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Lid Assembly GI Full 15-20-25

    Item No. PD42539


    • Lid Assembly Replacement Kit
    • 15-20-25 GI
    • Measurement 17 x 23-1/8"
    • Reinforced Polypropylene Cover
    • This replacement lid comes complete with a new gasket and lid latches.
    • Has 8 latches. 
    • Complete Lid Assembly Excluding PDI plate that is to be transferred from the old unit.
    • Used with Models: 3915A02, 3920A02, 3920AX6, 3925A03, 3925A02. 
  3. Lid Gasket  15-20-25 3920A-5  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Lid Gasket 15-20-25

    Item No. KS107222


    • Silicone Rubber Lid Gasket
    • Circumference of the gasket is 66-1/2" 
    • Tank Size: 15, 20, 25
    • Used with models: 3915A02, 3925A03, 3935A03, 3920A02, 3925A02, 3920AX6 and where applicable.
    • Do not use with the 25LO models.  
    • High performance replacement silicone gasket seal. Fits 35 and 50 GPM Canplas Grease Interceptors. The premium silicone foam gasket provides an airtight seal between the cover and tank, reducing the chance of liquids, solids, or offensive odors from polluting the workplace. The gasket is recessed in the molded profile of the cover.


  4. COMPACT GI DIFFUSER BAFFLE 7-10-15C 3910A-3  Restaurant Equipment Parts


    Item No. PD227225


    • Diffuser Baffle
    • Compact GI
    • Use for tank size 7, 10, 15C
  5. Baffle 7-10-15-15C-20-25-35 GPM 3920A03-3  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Baffle 7-10-15-15C-20-25-35 GPM

    Item No. PD42554


    • Removable Polypropylene Diffuser Baffle
    • 7-10-15-15C-20-25-35 GPM
    • Measurement of Baffle at longest point: 14-3/4 x 13-3/4 x 6-1/2"
    • Use with GI models: 3915A02(S)(T), 3920a02(S)(T), 3925A02(S)(T), 39350A03(S)(T), 3950A03(S)(T), 3935A04(S)(T)
    • 15.375" (A) x 13.625" (B) x 5.25" (C)

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